The Giants Venture Into Uncharted Territory Taking Daniel Jones at #6 Overall

It’s very difficult to make sense of this move by the Giants as they invested their #6 overall pick in a QB most would consider a fringe 1st rounder at best. This selection definitely didn’t sit well with the fans, and rightfully so. With both Haskins and Lock on the board it was a bold choice to take QB Daniel Jones, to say the least.

Looking at New York’s draft retrospectively, it seems they got ahold of the players they set out to get. Setting QB aside for a moment, Gettleman was able to fill major needs on the defensive side of the ball finding great value with DT Dexter Lawrence at 17 and CB Deandre Baker at 30. Both of these players are terrific additions to their defense providing much needed depth. Given that the Giants were the only team to go after Jones, it seems questionable to leave premier pass rushing talent on the board from picks 7-16 ranging from EDGE Josh Allen to DE Brian Burns.

With the unbelievable amount of defensive talent in this draft, it was no surprise that only 3 QBs came off the board in the first round as teams were devoted to strengthening the trenches. With that being the case the Giants quite frankly pulled the trigger too quickly, as there was really no demand for the position or the player. New York most likely would have found their QB available at 17, even 30 or perhaps into the 2nd or 3rd round. The problem isn’t that the Giants took Jones, it’s that they spent the #6 overall draft choice on him. There’s just not a lot that warrants using such a valuable selection for Daniel Jones.

The aftermath of the Giants’ selection resulted in QB Dwayne Haskins falling to 15, landing in Washington, a dream scenario for the Redskins. This could be the beginning of an NFC East QB rivalry, as there will always be the question of whether the Giants should have taken Haskins. Nevertheless, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

A lot of what determines success in the NFL isn’t just talent, but coaching, scheme and fit. Jones may have those things going for him in NY. Entering the draft with a substantially low ceiling, certainly one that you wouldn’t want in a top 6 pick it’s best for him to sit behind Eli Manning for as long as possible. The Giants have an opportunity here in the next 1 or 2 years to build off of his strong fundamentals and improve his mechanics, footwork and accuracy. The Giants definitely have a project on their hands, but it’s good to see that they finally found the QB they were looking for after a long, long wait. There definitely will be growing pains with Jones as with any player, but the Giants will have to stay 100% committed for things to work out in the end.

When breaking down Daniel Jones, it’s clear that he plays QB by the books, if his progressions tell him to take the open check down he’s going to take it 99 out of a 100 times. This is a very underappreciated quality in today’s NFL as many quarterbacks struggle to stay disciplined and stick to protocol, but Jones brings that unique ability to the table. The idea associated with him is that he isn’t going to win you too many games, but he certainly won’t be the reason you lose them. This simply isn’t enough for a top 6 pick. If you are drafted with the 6th overall selection in the NFL as a QB, you are expected to lead your team to wins, and we don’t know if Jones can do that yet.

Ultimately for New York, they are all in on Daniel Jones, and as per Dave Gettleman’s draft philosophy the Giants always resort to taking the best player available, as we saw last year with their selection of Saquon Barkley. If that reasoning stands true, the New York Giants see Daniel Jones as at least the 6th best player in the 2019 NFL Draft Class, making it their duty to do everything in their power to put him in a position to succeed as the future of their franchise. If Pat Shurmur and the Giants coaching staff can put together a system that favors Daniel Jones’ skill set, he has a fair chance to flourish in New York, but the odds will be stacked against him. The expectations will be sky high for Jones and the Giants but make no mistake, Big Blue has a lot on the line here, too much in fact and there’s zero guarantee that they’ll find success in the end.

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports | Nell Redmond